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What Being an Innovator Means to Ayana Active

by Lea Codispot 25 Apr 2024 1 comment
What Being an Innovator Means to Ayana Active

At the heart of innovation lies a profound desire to make a lasting impact. Ayana Active recognizes, however, that innovation does not have to mean coming up with an entirely new invention, but rather, putting a creative spin or personal touch on an already existing product with a problem. At Ayana Active, a new and necessary approach is put on activewear, to meet the needs of a specific market of women that Ayana Ife identifies closely with. 

Ayana Ife's diverse cultural background – rooted in Trinidadian descent, enriched by her Muslim and upbringing – ignited the need for designs that resonated with her personal narrative as a woman. Ife found herself looking for clothing that did not speak to her, and her identities. Modest clothing existed, connected to cultural or religious groups outside her own - there was nothing that she could identify with as just a woman. 

There was also a clear need for availability. Larger brands sometimes cater to modest consumers for one season or line, and then forget about the market when moving on to the next best thing. This fosters unrealistic expectations and reflects a lack of genuine innovation.

The brand confronts the ephemerality of seasonal trends in modest wear, prevailing in larger brands. Ayana Active pioneers an innovative approach by questioning this transient model. It strives to build infrastructures and systems that not only make its designs available in every season, but also breathe longevity into the very essence of modest sportswear.

Beyond clothing, Ayana Active's innovation takes the form of a unique perspective on sportswear. The world has activewear, but it does not yet have Ayana Active’s take on activewear. The brand embraces its authentic calling. For Ayana Active, innovation is a dedication to empowering women, helping them feel beautiful, heard, and confident in their clothing. The brand's journey stands as a testament to the idea that being an innovator is about following one's calling with genuine purpose.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Ayana Active as we continue to redefine the boundaries of fashion, sustainability, and empowerment. Follow us on Instagram @ayanaactive.

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1 comment

26 Apr 2024 Shahlah

I am beyond excited for this collection! It is as beautiful as it is innovative and I cannot wait to rock your unique designs 👏😊

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