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Navigating Entrepreneurial Growth: Leveraging Small Business Development Centers

by Lea Codispot 02 May 2024 1 comment
Navigating Entrepreneurial Growth: Leveraging Small Business Development Centers

At Ayana Active, we uphold the principle of seeking assistance and utilizing resources effectively. We firmly believe that it is more advantageous and efficient to seek guidance, ask pertinent questions, and embrace mentorship rather than navigating uncharted business territory alone.

This idea of seeking support was instilled in Ayana Ife from a young age. At the age of 13, during her attendance at a summer camp for seamstresses, she encountered the importance of constructive criticism. Recognizing that even exceptional work has room for refinement, she learned the value of being receptive to feedback. This trait propelled her work to new heights.

Upon founding Ayana Active, Ife acknowledged that her creative talent might not suffice in the realm of entrepreneurship. She quickly sought out business mentorship to complement her skills. With a meticulous screening process in place, Ife ensures that potential mentors possess industry-specific business acumen, entrepreneurial experience, and access to beneficial networks. Compatibility of personalities and the potential for a fruitful partnership are also essential criteria.

The Bucknell Small Business Development Center (SBDC) emerged as an institution that surpassed Ife’s selection criteria and significantly contributed to Ayana Active's advancement. As one of Pennsylvania's 15 SBDC centers, the Bucknell SBDC offers confidential, no-cost consulting and educational workshops, equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills necessary for business success. Working closely with consultants such as Denny Hummer and Ian Proud alongside a team of Bucknell students from management and engineering disciplines, Ayana Active has made substantial strides in various aspects of its operations.

Earlier this week, the Bucknell SBDC received the 2024 Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center Excellence and Innovation Award. Read more about their national recognition here.

The SBDC's assistance to Ayana Active has been invaluable, spanning practice investor pitches, financial projections, community involvement opportunities, marketing strategies, target market research, event support, and crucial referrals in areas such as accounting, banking, and law. By leveraging the expertise of the SBDC team, Ayana Active expedited its business processes with enhanced depth and quality, bypassing the need to navigate complex business procedures alone.

In conclusion, Ayana Active recommends leveraging the SBDC’s resources to any small business or aspiring entrepreneur. The skills, expertise, and expansive network offered by the SBDC are indispensable assets for every stage of business development. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Ayana Active as we continue to redefine the boundaries of fashion, sustainability, and empowerment. Follow us on Instagram @ayanaactive.

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1 comment

06 May 2024 Emma

I really connected with this entry. Constructive criticism is so necessary for growth and development in both our professional and private lives 👏☺️.

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