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Precision in Every Stitch: The Pattern Making Process

by Lea Codispot 25 Jan 2024 2 Comments
Precision in Every Stitch: The Pattern Making Process

In the intricate world of Ayana Active's design journey, the next pivotal phase after sketching and prototyping is the meticulous art of pattern making. Ayana Ife shares the nuances of this process, emphasizing the brand's commitment to impeccable fit and proportional beauty.

First, the sketched design is brought to life through flat patterns, incorporating measurements based on Ayana Active's comprehensive size chart ranging from XS to 3X. The flat patterns are transferred onto specialty paper and cut onto muslin matching the final fabric. Fit models, representing sizes S and XL, wear the prototypes. Ife meticulously observes the fit, circling the models 360 degrees, ensuring the garment aligns with the diverse proportions of these sizes. The fitting process involves multiple iterations to achieve the perfect fit. Each round includes pinning, markings, and notes to address any adjustments needed for comfort, movement, and overall aesthetic.

Based on the fit model evaluations, the pattern is adjusted to perfection. This refined pattern is then recut in the actual garment fabric, paving the way for the addition of essential elements such as logos, zippers, strings, and trimmings. The finalized sample, along with the perfected pattern, becomes a comprehensive set of instructions for manufacturers. Ife ensures that every detail is conveyed clearly to maintain the integrity of the design during production.

Ayana Active wants women to feel comfortable and powerful in their clothing. To ensure that, Ife does not simply scale small sizes to larger sizes, but rather distinguishes between standard and plus sizing when creating her garments. 

Instead of scaling a size small to larger sizes, proportions need to be carefully considered to maintain a garment's aesthetic appeal. This guarantees that each size category maintains its unique proportions, upholding the brand's standards for an inclusive and flattering fit. 

As Ayana Active advances from pattern making to production, the brand's unwavering commitment to perfection and attention to detail continues to shape activewear that not only fits flawlessly but also celebrates the diverse beauty of every woman.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Ayana Active as we continue to redefine the boundaries of fashion, sustainability, and empowerment. Follow us on Instagram @ayanaactive.

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27 Jan 2024 Emma
The attention to detail and the drive for inclusivity is has me stoked for the release of this line 👏 😊.
27 Jan 2024 Emma
The attention to detail and the drive for inclusivity is has me stoked for the release of this line 👏 😊.

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