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Overcoming Comparison in the Race of Life

by Lea Codispot 12 Apr 2024 5 Comments
Overcoming Comparison in the Race of Life

As Ayana Active Assistant Jenn Becker ventured into the world of running at the age of 40, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and perseverance. Unlike many seasoned athletes, Jenn had never been involved in sports and didn't consider herself competitive. Running became her solace during the isolating days of the COVID-19 pandemic, a pursuit she initially pursued alone, seeking guidance from social media to navigate this new terrain.

At first, the online running community provided valuable insights without triggering comparison. Jenn recognized her novice status compared to the experienced runners she encountered virtually, but she didn't let that diminish her enthusiasm. However, as she transitioned to in-person runs and shared her newfound passion with her husband and friends, the specter of comparison loomed larger.

Suddenly, Jenn found herself fixating on her pace, her finishing times, and even her physique. The joy of progress was overshadowed by a sense of inadequacy whenever she fell short of her expectations. She became preoccupied with her placement in races and felt the weight of self-criticism with every perceived setback.

Yet, amidst this struggle, Jenn found comfort and support in a close friend and seasoned runner who never made her feel inferior. Through her friend’s encouragement and the camaraderie of the running community, Jenn began to realize that runners weren't in competition with each other—they were allies in a shared pursuit of personal excellence.

Jenn learned to redirect her focus from external benchmarks to her own goals and achievements. She understood that her journey was unique, and comparing herself to others only robbed her of the joy of her accomplishments. By staying true to her aspirations and seeking confidence through self-education, Jenn reclaimed her narrative from the clutches of comparison.

As she continues to lace up her running shoes, Jenn embodies resilience and determination. Although easier said than done, she is working hard to ignore her place in the pack or numbers on her stopwatch and rather embrace the freedom of running her own race. By overcoming comparison, she can find security in knowing that her journey is hers alone to cherish and celebrate.
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13 Apr 2024 Sierra
What an inspiration!
12 Apr 2024 Shahlah

This is awesome, congratulations on overcoming obstacles and reaching your goals Jenn 👏☺️

12 Apr 2024 Ed Greager
Oh my Jenn, you are my idol, my inspiration, actually keeping the wind beneath my wings lifting to bigger and bigger heights. You found the secret to creating something special and you selflessly share with those willing to listen. I so look forward to your adventures.
12 Apr 2024 Sylvester
Jenn has accomplished so much in her life and she is an inspiration to us all. We are so proud of the woman she has become.
12 Apr 2024 Linda
What a truly inspiring journey !

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