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Understanding the Impact: Why Ayana Active Prioritizes Ethical and Eco-friendly Production

by Ayana Active Admin 22 Dec 2023 1 comment
Understanding the Impact: Why Ayana Active Prioritizes Ethical and Eco-friendly Production

To set the scene, it's important to acknowledge the devastating impact of unethically produced materials in the fashion industry. “Clothing production is the third biggest manufacturing industry after the automotive and technology industries. Textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined” (House of Common Environmental Audit Committee, 2019). There is an urgent need for the fashion industry to recognize this issue and make changes to help reverse some of this damage. 

Ayana Active intends on being a part of that cause. In 2019, the brand was completely revamped as it took on a newfound commitment to sustainability. All processes and partners had to be reevaluated, requiring extensive research to find new manufacturers that shared the brand’s vision and values. Now, Ayana Active seeks out those with eco-certifications and a genuine dedication to environmental consciousness. 

Ayana Active recognizes that sustainability is an ongoing learning process. In an era where ethical practices and sustainability are gaining paramount importance, they acknowledge the need to constantly stay informed, research new materials, and explore innovative practices to improve the brand’s sustainability credentials. This commitment ensures Ayana Active remains at the forefront of ethical and eco-friendly activewear.

Ayana Active stands as a testament to the power of conscious choices in the fashion industry. By prioritizing sustainability, fair labor, and eco-friendly practices, the brand created a space that not only empowers individuals to lead active lifestyles but also makes a positive impact on the planet. As consumers, we can support Ayana Active’s initiative by choosing brands that prioritize ethical sourcing and production, fostering a more sustainable future for the fashion industry as a whole. Source: Sustainability of the fashion industry ( 

Join our initiative and stay connected with @ayanaactive on Instagram. 

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1 comment

22 Dec 2023 M.R.

I love fashion and the environment. And I love that you’re offering the best of both worlds, looking good while also looking out for our beautiful planet! ♥️

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