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New year, same me: A Journey of Confidence and Inclusivity

by Ayana Active Admin 29 Dec 2023 1 comment
New year, same me: A Journey of Confidence and Inclusivity

As we step into the new year and draw closer to the eagerly anticipated launch of our brand, we find ourselves contemplating Ayana Ife's extraordinary journey. Her path is marked by a profound commitment to the empowerment of women, and it serves as a source of inspiration.

Growing up with seven sisters, Ayana was immersed in a world where the idea of sisterhood and camaraderie was fundamental. This strong bond with her sisters laid the foundation for who she is today – a passionate advocate for women's empowerment through fashion.

Ayana's journey began at a young age when she started sewing for her friends. At just 10 years old, she sold her first piece, sparking a lifelong passion for creating clothing that not only looks good but also makes women feel confident and empowered. Even in her early teens, Ayana found herself giving styling advice to her friends' parents, always considering what would make them feel their best in their body shape or size.

For Ayana Active, it's not just about draping fabric over a woman's body; it's about ensuring that the clothing does something equally powerful for her spirit. The brand firmly believes that clothing should empower women, allowing them to focus on their responsibilities and goals rather than insecurities.

Ayana Active is about building a sisterhood and spreading positivity. When women come to purchase or try on a piece of Ayana Active clothing, they are in for a confidence-boosting experience. 

But why empowerment? Ayana's answer is simple: Why not empowerment? The brand believes that clothing should represent modest consumers while being inclusive and representative of all women. We are on a mission to empower every woman to embrace her unique identity and feel confident, in her shape and size.

Ayana Ife and Ayana Active are redefining fashion as a source of confidence, positivity, and inclusivity. With every stitch, they empower women to stand tall, embrace their individuality, and leave their own positive footprints on the world.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Ayana Active as we continue to redefine the boundaries of fashion, sustainability, and empowerment. Follow us on Instagram @ayanaactive.

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1 comment

29 Dec 2023 Zahrah Q
I can’t wait for this to drop! I’ve felt ‘out of the loop’ many times when I can’t fit into a brand of workout clothes OR when the fabric is great but the style is way too revealing for my taste. I feel accepted & seen with AIA’s mission. It’s like having a sisterhood rooting for you behind each outfit. Happy New Year my Sister! :-)

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