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The Power of Mentorship

by Lea Codispot 21 Mar 2024 1 comment
The Power of Mentorship

As Ayana Ife embarked on her post-Project Runway journey in 2017, she found herself craving more than just fashion design skills. She sought the wisdom and guidance of someone who had navigated the intricacies of running a business before. That's when the idea of mentorship struck her, and she knew she couldn't navigate her entrepreneurial path without it.

Her quest for mentorship led her to Google searches and entrepreneur gatherings, where the seed of mentorship was planted by the organizers themselves. It was the beginning of a transformative journey that reshaped not only her business but her entire perspective on growth and learning.

Ayana's first business mentor, Blane, became her trusted guide through an organization called SCORE, helping her navigate the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship. Through frequent meetings and candid discussions, Blane provided invaluable insights based on his own experiences, making Ayana feel like she wasn't reinventing the wheel but rather following a well-trodden path to success.

Ayana has had many mentors at various stages of her personal and professional career. What she has found most valuable was their ability to wear multiple hats: from being a cheerleader during moments of doubt, to serving as a drill sergeant when deadlines loomed. Mentors, she realized, were not just sources of knowledge but also gateways to vast networks and resources.

Enter Denny Hummer, Ayana's current mentor through the Bucknell Small Business Development Center (SBDC). With Denny's guidance, Ayana secured her first investor, conducted targeted market research, and forged partnerships with prestigious institutions. Through Denny, Ayana gained access to the elusive world of business, honing her skills as both a creative and a businessperson.

For Ayana, having a mentor is akin to having a personal trainer for her business journey. The accountability and support they provide propel her forward, ensuring that she stays on track and keeps pushing her limits. As her personal growth flourishes, so does her brand, creating a well-oiled machine of success.

To those embarking on their own entrepreneurial ventures, Ayana offers a simple yet profound piece of advice: seek out a mentor. The benefits are truly boundless, offering a guiding light through the tumultuous yet rewarding landscape of entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Ayana Active as we continue to redefine the boundaries of fashion, sustainability, and empowerment. Follow us on Instagram @ayanaactive.

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1 comment

22 Mar 2024 M

Thank you for sharing, I find that having someone to hold me accountable is integral to staying on track and reaching my goals. Good mentors/teachers are invaluable ☺️🙏

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